Long known as bedrocks of indigenous art, culture, and history, the Tremé and 7th Ward neighborhoods will be celebrated for their immeasurable contributions—to the City of New Orleans, the United States, and the world—at the inaugural Tremé/7th Ward Arts & Culture Festival this Memorial Day Weekend, May 26 – 28, 2017.  

We, the people of Tremé and 7th Ward have survived and thrived by knowing our History, living our Traditions, and forever innovating our Culture, while creating Music, Dance, Food, Art, Architecture, and Scholarship to inspire all humanity.  

The first of many new activities to activate the Tremé/7th Ward Cultural District, our T/7 Fest will spotlight our neighborhoods, together and individually, for our rich historical sites, our unique cultural products, and the quality, character, and proud ancestry of our residents.

Join us as we Take It to the Streets…

We will kick off Friday, May 26 with high-spirited tours of historic sites in both the Tremé and 7th Ward neighborhoods and fascinating community panels, held at the historic Autocrat Social Aid & Pleasure Club and newly re-opened Tremé Market Branch, exploring the traditions, history, and culture of both neighborhoods in a global context.  

The history continues into the night with the T/7 Baby Doll Bar Crawl, as we explore another community tradition of “bar hopping” to 10 historic bars and taverns in the Tremé and 7th Ward neighborhoods. These are the places where born and bred New Orleans musicians hone their talents, where performing artists perfect their vocals, masking Indians practice their chants, and community cooks and craftspeople hawk their wares.  

But don’t stay out too late! Because after you’ve visited the historic sites, engaged with scholars and historians at the community discussions, and survived the bar crawl, now it’s time to experience what all the talk is about, when we Take It to the Streets…

All day Saturday, May 27 we meet Under the Bridge between Ursuline and Columbus at our free arts and culture festival. The world’s best musicians will take the stage, the world’s best culinary artists will cook, the world’s best fine artists and craftspeople will create, the world’s best youth with start their own businesses, the world’s best community organizations will educate and engage, the world’s best City partners will share services with you—demonstrating why and how New Orleanians have survived, slavery, disease, segregation, discrimination, interstates, and yes, hurricanes!

It all leads back to our life-sustaining, spirit fulfilling culture, began before the founding of America, by communities of enslaved Africans and Free People of Color.  We’ll be celebrating the spirit on Sunday, May 28 with our Elders Gospel Breakfast and Congo Square Secondline, followed by more back to back music.

And when it’s all said and done, it’ll have been said and done by people who live and love the art and culture…it’s on!